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Khazra Nano Chelated Fertilizer Vegetables and Summer Crops Specific


  • It contains 5% nitrogen, 4% Phosphorus, 20% potassium, 3% Magnesium, 2% calcium, 8% Sulfur, 3% Iron, 5% Zinc, 0.5% Copper, 0.5% Boron, 0.1% Molybdenum.
  • Arranged network junctions in the units of this structure designed and synthesized based on self-assembling method has made it a complete dedicated complex to deliver important elements to vegetables and summer crops
  • This complex has unique effects on boosting the function and the quality of the products through the balance and appropriate percentage of micro and macro elements required for the vegetables and summer crops.

Main Effects:

  • Increasing vegetative growth and rooting and the numbers of fertile flowers
  • Enhancing the quality of the product’s protein material
  • Positive effect on the roots and providing resistance to cold in winter
  • Having an appropriate compound of microelements to increase photosynthesis
  • Raising the qualitative and quantitative function such as extending the leaf surface and the speed of product growth, boosting photosynthesis efficiency and complete inoculation, increasing the yield.

Use Instruction:

  • 2 grams/liter solution in the form of foliar spraying
  • 2 to 4 kilograms per hectare through soil

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