Khazra Nano Chelated Zinc Fertilizer


  • It contains 12% chelated Zinc
  • Due to its unique structure it can easily be absorbed by the soil and the leaves

Main Effects:

  • The importance of this Nano Complex in comparison to other formulations of Zinc-containing fertilizers, is its nano-scale structure  which cause remarkable properties on the structure
  • Stimulating germination, flowering and fruit formation in plants
  • Product efficient growth, ripening and well color
  • Activating the essential enzymes, producing growth hormones such as auxin hormone
  • Effective in increasing chlorophyll production, respiration, regulating growth and accelerating maturity
  • Effective in carbohydrate formation, protein increase, seed formation stimulating and improving the ratio of phytic acid to Zinc element
  • Increasing plant resistance to cold and low temperature and
  • More water absorption
  • Enhancing the yield of crop, garden and greenhouse products

Use instruction:

  • 1.5 grams/liter solution in the form of Foliar spraying
  • 4 to 6 kilograms per hectare through soil


  • Stage 1: In time of buds inflammation
  • Stage 2: By starting fruits getting bigger (before ripening)
  • Stage 3: After harvest (by healing damages caused by harvest procedure)


  • 2 stages after plant getting green to blooming stage

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