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Khazra Nano Chelated Iron 9% Fertilizer


Khazra Nano Chelated Iron 9% Fertilizer


  • Containing 9% chelated iron and absorbable at pH 3-11
  • Completely soluble in water
  • Synthesized by “advanced Chelate Compounds technology”
  • At least 30% more effective release compared to Swiss iron chelate samples at various temperatures and salinities according to University of Tehran’s report
  • Supplying iron effectively, preventing chlorosis, and increasing plant efficiency
  • Photosynthesis increase by 250% compared to control according to Pistachio Research Center’s report
  • Quality and yield increase (size, smell, taste, color, durability, nutrients, secondary metabolites, etc.) in agricultural products from 20% to 200%
  • Resistance increase to pests (reduced need to pesticides and consequently production of healthier crop) and environmental stresses (frostbite, heat, soil salinity, drought, etc.)
  • Preventing fruit drop, reducing waste, and consequently increasing efficiency
  • Improving soil fertility and reducing underground water contamination
  • Improving plant metabolism and increasing microelements and base fertilizers (such as N+P2O5+K2O) absorption more effectively resulting in efficient consumption of fertilizers and reduction of pollution caused by excessive application of chemical fertilizers




  • First stage: deep delving at late winter or early spring
  • Second stage: buds swelling (in case Nano Chelated Complete Micro fertilizer is not applied at the previous stage)
  • Third stage: simultaneous with the first irrigation
  • Fourth stage: fruit enlargement and color improvement (in case Nano Chelated Complete Micro or Super fertilizer is not applied at the previous stages)


  •  Stem elongation and clustering stages

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