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Khazra Technology

Nanochalatingtechnology is a new field of nanotechnology which has been patented by Mr. Mohammad Hassan Nazaran for the first time in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (2012), and has also been filed in the EU since 2012. This technology utilizes a self-assembling method which is a bottom-up method for developing nanomaterials. It is the best method for mass production of nanomaterials.

Self-assembling: is intelligent and spontaneous binding between molecules and atoms of materials by the very same atoms and molecules in order to design well-organized and integrated structures.

Khazra Nano Chelated Fertilizers,produced by nanochelating technology, hold flexible structures which are resistant and stable in both alkaline and acidic soils (pH=3-11) in contrast with non-nano fertilizers which have low capability of consumption in alkaline soils. Due to nanoscale properties, these fertilizers are also able to be used simultaneously through soil application or foliar spraying, whereas existing non-nano fertilizers tend to be absorbed through either soil or leaves. Furthermore, it demonstrates its distinctive nano properties such as having effects on photosynthesis function, chlorophyll formation rate, and expansion of the leaf surface, also improving resistance to environmental stress and enrichment of agricultural products in comparison with the other existing fertilizers all around the world.

Accordingly, Khazra Nano Chelated Fertilizers have the following properties:

  • According to the images of electron microscope, molecular dimensions of Khazra fertilizers are less than 100 nm in all three dimensions.
  • The applied synthesizing method is an accurately designed self-assembling method.
  • They are capable of being added or deduced in design, resulting in producing various nano fertilizers.
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