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Do Khazra Chelated Nano Fertilizers Affect Leaf Area?

One-year-old platanus trees looked like 3-year-old ones. It means consuming Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers had a great effect on fruitless young trees from the quantitative and qualitative aspects of their growth. Khazra fertilizers have shown their miraculous effects many times.

This time, we were the witness of this phenomenon in Isfahan. The outcome was the growth of sycamore saplings with 3 meters of height and diameters of about 5-7 centimeters.

Mr. Moradian referred to Khazra fertilizers as the reason for these outstanding changes within the past year.

He had been using Khazra fertilizers since 2012 and observed their effects on the height of saplings and the width of their trunk. According to him, who is an environmental inspector, some of the advantages of consuming these fertilizers were increase in photosynthesis rate, the absorption of CO2, more oxygen production, and reduced air pollution.

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