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Soil sampling instruction

The accurate sampling method can be considered as the basis for recognition of the condition of farm or garden soil. If the sampling is not done carefully, the results will not be reliable.

Sampling method

  1. The target field must be divided into the uniform lots in terms of the soil’s texture, color, slope, degree of erosion, previous implants, alternation, the type of product etc.
  2. Each soil sample is provided by a maximum of 10 hectares area taking field condition and harvest alternation into account. If the field is wider than 10 hectares, more samples must be taken subsequently.
  3. The sampling depth depends on the type of the product, it’s growth stage and root depth. The samples would be taken from a 0-30 cm depth in crops and vegetables. In gardens three samples are needed as below:
  • A sample from 0-30 cm depth
  • A sample from 30-60 cm depth
  • A sample from 60-90 cm depth.

Note that the soil profile can be sampled more deeply if needed.

  1. Walk in a Crinkled way (in W, Z or N patterns) in the field’s sample lot and nominate 8-10 points in equal distances and take 1-kilogram samples from each point.
  2. To take each sample, first pull over the soil to form a circle with a diameter of 5cm. then dig a hole up to thirty-centimeters deep by a shovel and remove it, then an approximately one-kilogram soil sample should be taken from the 0-30 cm depth by the hole (figure2). The same method must be followed in all needed sampling depths.
  3. For each depth (0-30cm, 30-60cm and 60-90cm) mix all the one-kilogram samples and put 1 kg of this mixture in a plastic bag and fasten it. Next, label the bag and note the properties like sampling depth, date, location, contact number, the owner's name of the sample, previous year cultivation etc. The sample finally will be sent to a pedology laboratory as soon as possible.    
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