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Specifications of Khazra chelated nano fertilizers

  • Capability of absorption and utilization through both soil and leaf (as surface, localized and sprinkler irrigation systems.
  • control release characteristic for optimal use of nutrients by plants.
  • Stability of Khazra nano complexes in a broad means this nano fertilizers can function in the most acidic to the most alkaline environments and soils (delivering the nutrients present in the fertilizer to plants in any kind of soil)

  • Unique formulation of Khazra chelated nano fertilizers in order to a higher rate of productivity of plants in different circumstances.
  • Unlike other chelated fertilizers, these chelated nano fertilizers do not contain any hormones and therefore are not harmful. However, chelated fertilizers with EDDHA, EDDHMA and EDDHSA radicals are considered hormonal due to the presence of ethylene as a growth hormone in their radicals (shown with letter E as in EDDHA)
  • Synthetic (not natural) organic structure of Khazra chelated nano fertilizer is completely environmental friendly and can convert the less soluble forms of elements to the available and beneficial forms for plants in addition to increasing organic compounds of the soil (since the organic radical or ligand of this nano fertilizer carries nutrients such as Iron, Zinc, Potassium etc.)
  • Nano structure of Khazra fertilizers results in optimized motility in soil and plant so the best productivity.
  • Khazra chelated nano fertilizers maintain their persistency due to their strong radicals in contrary with common fertilizers that are decomposed while exposed to the sun light
  • Non-toxic feature of Khazra chelated nano fertilizers cause no threats for human health based on an article presented by Sodour Ahrar Shargh Co. to the International Nano Safety Congress held in Thailand-2013.
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