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Effects and features of Khazra chelated nano fertilizers

  • Enhancing the rate of photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation resulting in freshness and greenness.
  • Increasing the number of leaves and expanding their surfaces.
  • Preventing flowers and agricultural productions from dropping off and reducing their loss and waste, thus increasing the efficiency.
  • Increasing the amount of the product per hectare through improving the function.
  • Improving the quality of the products (enriching and enhancing products' nutrients, longer warehousing period, maximizing the secondary metabolite in herbal plants, promoting pesticide resistance or reducing toxin spraying, higher resistance to frosting damage and environmental stress).

  • Modifying soil and reducing underground water storage pollution.
  • Increasing plants metabolism and absorbing major components of fertilizers more effectively (the optimum use of fertilizers)
  • Targeted delivery of microelements to specific tissues as a significant function of nanotechnology in agriculture due to the optimum use of fertilizers and reducing the pollution caused by indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers (least fertilizer consuming and the most output).
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