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Khazra Nano Chelated Potassium Fertilizer

Khazra Nano Chelated Potassium Fertilizer


  • This nanocomplex contains 27% chelated potassium.
  • The incredible results of using this product points out its unique method production
  • The designed molecular network of this structure provides the best availability to Potassium for the plant.
  • This network provides solubility for Potassium which is the defect of the existing fertilizers.

Main Effects:

  • Increasing the water consumption efficiency.
  • Enhancing resistance to frosting damage, aridity, salinity, pests and diseases
  • Balancing the effect of light intensity
  • Increasing chlorophyll density and photosynthesis efficiency
  • Improving the fruit color
  • Increasing the quality of agricultural products specially fleshy and tuber crop fruits such as tomatoes and potatoes
  • Enlarging the fruit size specially citrus fruits
  • Enhancing warehousing period
  • Preventing nitrate accumulation in vegetables and summer crops
  • Increasing micronutrients particularly Iron, Zinc and Manganese
  • Enhancing the efficiency of nitrogenous fertilizers

Use Instruction:

  • 2 grams/liter solution in the form of foliar spraying
  • 5 to 10 kilograms per hectare through soil


  • Stage 1: After the shedding of the blossoms
  • Stage 2: When the fruit flesh is forming


  • Stage 1: During first growth stage
  • Stage 2: When the grain is filling out

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