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What Is Nanotechnology?


 Nanotechnology is a general term referring to all advanced nano scale technologies. By and large, nano scale is approximately 1 to 100 nanometers (1 nanometer is 10-9 meter).

Nanotechnology can be defined as the ability to produce materials, tools, and novel systems by winning control at atomic and molecular level and properties that appear at this level. In nanotechnology, not only does the size become smaller, but also the innate properties of elements such as color, strength, and impact resistance improve. In other words, this technology helps previously known materials be introduced with new properties.

Nano Products Properties

Basically, materials should meet at least three properties on nano scale so they could be considered nanomaterials:

  • Nanomaterials should be less than 100 nm (100*10-9 m) at least in one dimension.
  • They should have novel properties that non-nanomaterials are deprived of (higher surface to volume ratio, more energy storage in chemical form, higher density, more advanced efficiency such as targeted delivery, etc.).
  • These materials should be well-designed and engineered to have the capability to let agents be added or separated.
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