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Superiority of Khazra Chelated Nano Fertilizers over Chelated and Other Fertilizers

Khazra Chelated Nano Fertilizers

Available Chelated Fertilizers


Containing ethylene

Nanometer dimensions (under 100 nm)   

Non-nanometer dimensions

Stable at pH 3-11

Stable at pH 4-9

High structure stability against environmental physicochemical alterations

Unstable against environmental physicochemical alterations

Containing maximum amount of absorbable element due to high technology used in their production

Lack of maximum amount of absorbable element due to impurity through its mass production method

Novel & inventive manufacturing technology Old manufacturing technology

Having controlled release property

Lack of controlled release property

Capable to chelate several elements at the same time

Incapable to chelate several elements at the same time

Capable to completely chelate the element

Capable to chelate a limited percentage of element

Dramatic impact on quantity & quality at the same time

Low impact on quantity & no impact on quality

Resistant to leaching due to its controlled release property

Unavailable to plant roots due to high leaching

Significant increase in photosynthesis efficiency

Low impact on photosynthesis efficiency 
No environmental pollution Environmental pollution
Absorbable through both soil application and foliar spraying Absorbable through either soil application in EDDHA or  foliar spraying in EDTA


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