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How should Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers be applied in greenhouses?

Considering water shortage and temperature stresses that considerably damage agricultural products every year, greenhouse cultivation is of paramount importance nowadays. In light of the special procedure used in the production of agricultural products in greenhouses, applying fertilizers plays a key role in this respect. Unfortunately, excessive application of chemical fertilizers in greenhouses has resulted in a vicious cycle, leading to reduction in qualitative and quantitative levels of greenhouse products and consequently increase in pesticides consumption.


Owing to the effective absorption of Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers and their positive impact on metabolic reactions in plant, their application greatly increases quality and quantity in crops. Khazra fertilizers application leads to quality and quantity increase in greenhouse crops, bushes resistance to pests, diseases and environmental stresses, and reduced need to pesticides application, without causing soil salinity. In fact, by using Khazra fertilizers and following the experts’ instructions, you can harvest more in a greenhouse unit and your product will be better and healthier than before.

We recommend the greenhouse owners purchase the required amount of Khazra fertilizers for one month in a specified area to compare their effects with chemical fertilizers. As an example, in case your greenhouse has 6 units with identical conditions (in terms of the type of seed, age of the bushes, probable outbreak of pests, temperature conditions, etc.), purchase the required amount of Khazra fertilizers for 3 units in a month. After one month, it will be possible to compare the effects with the other units.

According to the cost allocated to Khazra fertilizers by farmers, Khazra fertilizers the instructions in farms fall into three categories of “Lowest Instruction”, “Middle Instruction”, and “Special Instruction”.  In “Lowest Instruction”, the minimum types of fertilizers are included to be applied through foliar spraying in greenhouses. In “Middle Instruction”, in addition to foliar application, more types of fertilizers are added to be used in soil greenhouses according to the instructions in the following table. And finally, in “Special Instruction”, chemical fertilizers are completely omitted and replaced with Khazra fertilizers.

Key Points 

  • It is evident that following the “Special Instruction” is more profitable than the other two. By omitting chemical fertilizers in “Special Instruction”, you will experience a dramatic change in the yield and quality of greenhouse products without any damage caused by chemical fertilizers application.
  • In case the instructions are followed properly, SASh Co. guarantees that the profit will be 1.5 times more than the fertilizers cost. Therefore, using this product can be regarded as a profitable investment.  


Soil Greenhouse

Hydroponic Greenhouse

Lowest Instruction
  • Foliar spraying: apply Khazra fertilizers.
  • Fertigation: do fertigation the same as before.
  • Foliar spraying: apply Khazra fertilizers.
  • Nutrient solution: make hydroponic nutrient solutions the same as before.

Middle Instruction

  • Foliar spraying: apply Khazra fertilizers.
  • Fertigation: the preferred amount of chemical fertilizers applied through fertigation can be replaced with Khazra fertilizers.
  • Foliar spraying: apply Khazra fertilizers.
  • Nutrient solution: in hydroponic cultivation, it is not possible to mix Khazra fertilizers with chemical fertilizers in nutrient solutions due to unbalanced formulation and low quality of chemical fertilizers compared to Khazra fertilizers.

Special Instruction

  • Foliar spraying: apply Khazra fertilizers.
  • Fertigation: apply Khazra fertilizers.

There is no need for chemical fertilizers.

  • Foliar spraying: apply Khazra fertilizers.
  • Nutrient solution: use Khazra fertilizers to make hydroponic nutrient solutions

There is no need for chemical fertilizers.


Visit the foliar spraying instruction on the bottom of the page for complete instruction.

Click on the following icons to see the special instruction for each type of greenhouse:


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