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Joint Meeting on Export to Armenia
Joint Meeting on Exporting SASh Co.’s Products to Armenia
15:44 - 09/02/2021
100% Increase in Rice by Khazra Chelated Nano Fertilizers
Mr. Ramezan Moamenizadeh, one of the farmers of Mahmood Abad county in Mazandaran province, became familiar with Sodour Ahrar Shargh Knowledge-based Company by an authorized distribution agency of the region and managed to increase his yield dramatically by applying Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers and with the help of experts’ recommendations of the company.
15:10 - 16/09/2015
Reclamation of Cucumber Greenhouse in Shabestar-Tabriz
Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers, by proper instructions, convinced the Tabrizi owner of a cucumber greenhouse to change his mind from shutting his cucumber greenhouse down. As he says, after consuming the whole package of Khazra fertilizers, his greenhouse cucumber bushes astoundingly started blooming and regrowing fruits.
15:07 - 02/09/2015
Reclamation of a Cut-Flower and Cut-Branch Greenhouse in Pakdasht
The package of Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers prevented a gerbera greenhouse in Pakdasht from shutting down. As the farmer says, by using the whole package of Khazra fertilizers, the flowers started to regrow.
15:04 - 29/08/2015
30% to 50% Yield Increase in Irrigated Wheat Crop by Watering Only Once
A Semnani farmer increased his farm harvest by 50% after using Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers only once.
15:02 - 22/08/2015
Reclamation of Pomegranate Garden Despite Water Shortage
Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers, as a new generation of fertilizers, changed Semnani farmer’s mind about shutting his garden down. As he says, after using Khazra fertilizers, fruit drop did not occur any longer.
14:48 - 22/08/2015
Do Khazra Chelated Nano Fertilizers Affect Leaf Area?
One-year-old platanus trees looked like 3-year-old ones. It means consuming Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers had a great effect on fruitless young trees from the quantitative and qualitative aspects of their growth. Khazra fertilizers have shown their miraculous effects many times.
14:36 - 08/08/2015

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