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Advanced Chelate Compounds Technology


Over 200,000,000 tons of various fertilizers are consumed annually in agricultural lands around the world. It should be noted that the annual consumption of million tons of chemical fertilizers in agricultural lands can cause the following due to the type, structure, and low absorption of these fertilizers:

  • damaging the soil texture
  • soil fertility loss
  • polluting groundwater and soil by nitrate and heavy metals
  • plant low resistance against temperature stress
  • quality and quantity reduction in crops
  • plant low resistance against pests
  • increase in need for pesticides
  • and consequently producing crops contaminated with pesticides residues, nitrate, and heavy metals.

The result will be a decrease in community health and emergence of a variety of diseases. Despite their relative superiority over chemical fertilizers, the conventional chelated fertilizers, such as EDDHA and EDTA (which can only be useful in delivering micronutrients like iron and zinc), almost suffer similar limitations. 

“Advanced Chelate Compounds technology” is a great revolution in chemistry to synthesize structures and nano structures in different fields of science including agriculture. This technology, for the first time in the world, is patented in the name of Mohammad Hassan Nazaran in Iran and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In this technology, chelates and nano chelates, having much higher bioavailability and efficiency than previous structures, are produced using self-assembly method. Synthesizing compounds by self-assembly is the best method to mass-produce nanoparticles. Based on this technology, Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers as the new generation of fertilizers are produced in the field of agriculture. Due to the unique structure of Khazra fertilizers, their absorption rate by the root and leaves of the plant is a lot more than chemical fertilizers and also common chelated fertilizers such as EDDHA and EDTA. Nano scale and its properties make it possible to apply these fertilizers through soil application and foliar spraying at the same time, whereas the available non-nano fertilizers can be absorbed through either soil application or foliar spraying. Khazra fertilizers do not suffer the limitations and problems caused by chemical and common chelated fertilizers, yet they result in significant quality and quantity increase in agricultural crops without the negative effects of environmental pollutants. Applying Khazra fertilizers in gardens, farms, and greenhouses leads to 20-200% yield increase, significant increase in quality, and higher resistance to pests, diseases and environmental stresses.

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