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Deep Delving Specific Package for Trees:

Type of Package

Khazra Nano Chelated NPK 12-12-36 Fertilizer

Khazra Nano Chelated Complete Micro Fertilizer Khazra Nano Chelated Iron Fertilizer Total (kg)
Khazra Deep Delving Specific Package for Trees  2 1 1 4


This package is for approximately 15 trees.

Depending on the type and age of tree, 60-120 g Khazra Nano Chelated NPK 12-12-36, 20-60 g Khazra Nano Chelated Iron, and 50-100 g Khazra Nano Chelated Complete Micro fertilizer must be applied through deep delving. The best time to apply the fertilizers is when the leaves start to fall off until the end of winter and buds swelling stage so the fertilizers could be exposed to moisture. This time is considered the best for deep delving as the tree needs more energy when it wakes up after hibernation and starts to germinate. Deep delving must be on water pathways so that water covers the hole completely.

The holes must be 50 cm deep, otherwise the fertilizers will fall out of the hole when shoveled. Therefore, it is ideal to dig the holes one third of tree’s height where the hairy and absorbent roots are.

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