Spraying fruit trees before the leaves fall in autumn, with elements that their role in big bud strength of the following year is proven, signify the first step to feed the next year tree.

Spraying a mixture of Khazra nano chelated Zinc, Boron and Nitrogen after the fruit picking and before the leaves falling in fruit trees, has effects as follows:

  • Preventing early leaves falling
  • Increase in strength and stability of buds next year, stronger pollination
  • Increase in resistance to cold stress
  • High product quality next year

Khazra Nano Chelated Zinc Fertilizer

Khazra nano chelated Zinc fertilizer containing 12% of chelated zinc with the capability of both methods of application foliar spray and soil application has effects as follows:

  1. Increase yield (increasing the number of grains per cluster and 1000 grain weight increase) and an increase in quality (increased protein content and grain enrichment) in cereals
  2. Increase the number of grain and filling the corn tip grains.
  3. Increase the period of flowering, pod formation and the of number of grain per pod of soybean and rapeseed
  4. Decrease the loss of flowers and fruits, increase the size and quality of fruit on fruit trees (apples, peaches, plums, grapes, olives, etc.)
  5. Increasing the amount of Ascorbic Acid and the percent of juice in orange
  6. Increased resistance to environmental stresses such as frostbite.
  7. Increasing the permeability of the cell wall, leading to an increase in plant’s resistance to biotic stresses (pests and diseases) and abiotic stresses (drought and temperature).
  8. Increasing weight and the duration of potato and onion’s storage

Due to Zinc deficiency, of the plasma (cell) membrane permeability is increased, leads Nitrate, Potassium and organic compounds from the root cells (rhizosphere) out. Zinc affects on flower induction, the production of pollen and pollen, and its deficiency causes a delay in the opening of the leaves, flowers and fruit loss.

Khazra Nano Chelated Zinc Fertilizer Seed Treatment:

Treatment of seeds with Khazra Nano Chelated Zinc Fertilizer increases germination, the speed of protein synthesis and the volume root and cereal tillering, also it regulates and increases the power of phototropism in seeds, seedling establishment, drought resistance and resistance to pests and diseases.

Seed treatment is applying compound or compounds which enhance seed germination and the root volume, seedling establishment, before planting the seed.

Types of Seed Treatment:

  1. Coincide with winnowing the seeds in case mixing with pesticides
  2. Mix the seeds and seed treatment in a mixer: depending on the capacity of seed mixers spill the seeds and dilute the necessary amount of seed treatment with enough amount of water and add it to the mixer while it is rotating and mix well until Seeds are treated uniformly.
  3. Spread specific amount of seed on a plastic on the floor and dilute the necessary amount of seed treatment with enough amount of water and spray it on the seeds, and simultaneously mix with a shovel or a similar device and spray and mix well until seed are uniformly covered.

Spraying fruit trees with Khazra nano chelated Zinc fertilizer after picking them:

This spraying increases flower buds’ resistance to the cold winter and spring. The concentration of nutrients that are absorbed from branches and flower buds after fruit picking along with foliar spray rises up in the tree and it increases their resistance to cold weather. In addition to the above benefits, spraying after picking the fruits, affects the tree’s first nourishment in the growth season.

At the beginning of growing season, tree shoots, including leaves and flower buds later, begins its activities with a rapid growth. However, the active roots have not yet started to grow and absorb enough nutrients from the soil. Nutrient requirement of the trees in this major phase comes from its storage that had been collected in the previous season. So the best time for food supply for the tree (assimilation) is the next step of fruit picking in which much of the absorption of nutrients from the roots and leaves will be saved in buds and branches.

Khazra Nano Chelated Magnesium Fertilizer

Khzara nano chelated Magnesium fertilizer containing 6% chelated Magnesium, applicable through both foliar spray

and soil application, has effects as follows:

  1. Activation of enzymes
  2. Phosphate uptake and activation of ATP and also Phosphokinase, Decarboxylase, Dehydrase and...
  3. Regulating the absorption of other nutrients, especially Phosphorus
  4. Effective in the production of Carbohydrates
  5. Increasing the quality and protein synthesis in cereals

This complex can easily be absorbed through the roots and leaves and also be readily available in photosynthesis

systembecause of its three dimensional molecular structure.

Khazra Nano Chelated Manganese Fertilizer

Manganese plays a role in enzymatic processes, reduction of Nitrate, protein metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism and neutralization of free radicals. We can say that the most important role Manganese plays in the plant is in the process of photosynthesis and oxygen production. Stem lignification depends on Manganese. Manganese is the most important micronutrient in feeding grains and potatoes. In alkaline soils accessible Manganese content for the plant is low.

Khazra nano chelated Manganese fertilizer contains 12% chelated Manganese applicable through both foliar spray and soil application, has effects as follows:

  1. Applying this fertilizer via both ways not only increases the seed and chaff’s performance and the 1000 grains weight, but also contributes to an increase in the amount of stored Manganese in seeds and enrichment of grains (cereals) specifically wheat.This means that the grains in case of re-cultivation, because of restoring Manganese, obtain a better rooting and early growth and manganese production will increase next year.
  2. Reducing the severity of take-all disease and damage
  3. Increasing Nitrogen fixation and yield of Alfalfa
  4. The increase in skin thickness and reducing the damage potato tubers at harvest time.
  5. Simultaneous foliar spray of Khazra nano chelated Zinc and Manganese in spring leads to an increase in the concentration of vitamin C and total soluble solids in the citrus fruit.
  6. Improving the quality of sugar beet by raising the percentage of sugar and reduction of non-sugar material, especially Sodium.
  7. Increasing the number of grains per ear of corn
  8. Accelerating and improving seed germination and fruit ripening
  9. Creating resistance to diseases, pests and fungi.
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