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Khazra Nano Chelated NPK (20-20-20) Fertilizer


Khazra Nano Chelated NPK 20-20-20 Fertilizer


  • Containing 20% potassium, 20% nitrogen, and 20% phosphorus in absorbable chelated form (contrary to chemical fertilizers that contain potassium oxide, phosphorus oxide, and ammonium nitrate)
  • Completely soluble in water
  • Synthesized by “advanced Chelate Compounds technology”
  • Compatible withtheenvironment and without nitrate (contrary to chemical fertilizers that contain heavy metals, nitrate, and environmental pollutants)
  • Quality (size, smell, taste, color, durability, nutrients, secondary metabolites, etc.) and yield increase in agricultural products
  • Resistance increase to environmental stresses (the cold, heat, soil salinity, drought, etc.)
  • Acceleration in shoot growth and dark green color improvement in plant
  • Root, flower, and grain formation increase
  • Photosynthesis regulator
  • Thickening cell wall and stems




  • 10-15 kg/ha according to the age of tree


  • 8-10 kg/ha during the growing season



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