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what is foliar spraying and how is it done?

Foliar spraying is a supplementary way to decrease fertilizer application amount. It is a rather easy, fast and efficient method, mainly used in the following cases:

  • plant immediate need to a special element
  • low absorption of the soil elements in early spring due to low roots activity
  • in conditions when the soil is not suitable for elements absorption (too high or low pH level, too high or low moisture, deficient ventilation, etc.)
  • in lime soils with high pH where there is a high probability of some elements deficiency such as iron, zinc, manganese, and copper

The competition rises among fruits and roots on nutrient absorption during trees reproductive stage. Therefore, it is very likely to observe roots suffering nutrients deficiency and slow growth. This competition can be reduced by foliar spraying to prevent those deficiencies.

Different terms influence absorbing rate of applied solution:

  • light
  • temperature
  • relative moisture
  • leaf age
  • leaf area
  • plant nutrition condition
  • pH of the applied solution
  • surfactants

Low light intensity, low temperature, and relative moisture increase the absorption of applied solution; moreover, absorption rate enhances if the leaf is younger and its surface is larger.

It must be noted that the weaker the plant is in nutrition, the more and the faster elements absorption is. Various elements would reach the maximum absorption at different pH levels. For instance, phosphorus is absorbed best at pH 5-6 and calcium at pH 7. Applying surfactants leads to a reduction in surface tension of water and an increase in the contact surface of the solution and the leaf, resulting in more solution absorption. However, Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers do not need surfactants to get absorbed through foliar spraying.  

Considering the importance and necessity of proper application time and method of Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers to achieve the highest function, the followings are required during foliar spraying:

  • Owing to Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers capacity to be used both through soil application and foliar spraying, there is no limitation on applying either method, although using each method at least once during the growth period would have better effects.
  • Mixing calcium fertilizers with other fertilizers is not recommended. It will be better if they are applied individually.
  • Do not apply any fertilizers on plants in flowering stage through foliar spraying; applying fertilizers at this stage causes flower drop.
  • The best time to apply foliar spraying is early in the morning before the sunrise because of open stomata and high elements absorption rate at this time. If foliar spraying is not possible at this time, late hours of the day (before it gets dark) will be appropriate as well.
  • Avoid mixing Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers with pesticides containing copper and sulfur.
  • Foliar spraying ratio for young trees is the same, but in deep delving or fertigation the application amount is less.
  • The ratio of “1 g/L” is the same as 1 gram in 1000 liters of water.



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