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What is deep delving and how is it done?

Deep delving method is a particular local placement of organic and chemical fertilizers in soils. Winter deep delving prepares fertilizers to be consumed by trees at the beginning of the growing season. Fruit trees mainly suffer from different types of deficiencies due to the presence of active lime in lime soils, excessive bicarbonate in irrigating water, organic materials shortage, incorrect fertilizers application (top-dressing method), slight mobility of most of the fertilizers (particularly phosphate and micronutrient ones), and insufficient fertilizer and water absorption. Applying fertilizers via this method is far more efficient than top-dressing method. Other advantages of this method are better absorption by roots, respiration, and water permeability through the pit around the root.

The advantages of deep delving

  1.       Preventing the shoot tip of fruit trees from dieback
  2.       Growth of fruit trees roots in lime soils
  3.       Increasing the leaf area in fruit trees
  4.       Improving the quantity and quality of fruits
  5.       Increasing water infiltration through the pores filled with organic materials


Where to dig a hole in deep delving method

The best place to dig a hole is the last one third of the shadow of the tree.  Young and active roots are mostly concentrated in this area. Delving in this area causes the least damage to main and thick roots. The roots are able to directly absorb their favorite nutrients leading to a decrease in weed growth.

The holes should preferably be along the water flow. The number of the holes differ depending on the type of the tree, soil condition, age of the tree, etc., but generally 2-4 holes would be appropriate for trees of 10 years old or above. The depth of the holes also varies based on the type of the tree; they are usually 30-50 cm deep. It must be noticed that the holes shouldn’t be filled up with the same old soil, yet they should be refilled with a mixture of a fertilizer and an organic material such as rotted manure or peat.

This method is particularly adequate for arid regions. If the holes are kept in a proper condition, digging once would be enough for several years.

Since Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers enjoy a special and unique structure, they cause less leaching and higher availability percentage to the roots in deep delving.

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