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Clustering in Wheat That Was Meant to Be Livestock Feed!
Tillering was not completed in cultivated wheat as they strongly lacked nutrients, so the leaves turned yellow, yet after using Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers, they became healthy and the leaves turned green, also strong wheat clusters were formed.
14:31 - 11/07/2015
Multiple Fold Increase in Growth of Fruit Saplings (East Azerbaijan)
By consuming Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers, the growth of the saplings in Khazra treatment increased by 2-3 times compared to control.
13:06 - 11/07/2015
32% Yield Increase in Wheat Farms
Increase in the number of wheat tillers, stem length, and yield in the irrigated wheat crops (Sivand cultivar) was achieved by using Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers.
13:05 - 06/07/2015
Increase in Vegetative Growth and 250% Yield Increase in Apricot and Walnut
Applying Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers resulted in 70% improvement in vegetative growth and 250% yield increase compared to the last year, achieving a new record.
13:04 - 25/06/2015
No Alternate Bearing in Pistachio Trees with a New Generation of Fertilizers
A gardener inMalek Abad village observed 150% yield increase in Fandoghi pistachio and 180% increase in Kalleghuchi pistachio. In both gardens, alternate bearing did not occur any longer and there was a dramatic increase in quality and quantity.
13:01 - 20/06/2015
300% Yield Increase in Sour Cherry Garden
This time Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers brought up yield increase in East Azerbaijan’s gardens.
12:04 - 19/06/2015
200% Yield Increase in Walnut Trees
A new generation of fertilizers led to significant yield increase in walnut crops. Khazra Chelated Nano fertilizers, with supplying all plants needs and increasing the efficiency in farming, resulted in a higher productivity for farmers.
12:02 - 19/06/2015

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