Sodour Ahrar Shargh science based Company was established in Tehran in 2003 with the objective of aiming for the advanced technology. In 2006, our company succeeded in attaining “Nanotechnology” and as a result endorsed its present at this strategic field. In 2010, this company was chosen as The Distinguished Technology Contributor Company of the Year in Iran by The Iran nanotechnology initiative council for introducing a new generation of Agricultural Plant Fertilizers.

Sodour Ahrar shargh Company, founder of Chelating and Nanochelating technology and the sole producer of designed compounds based on this technology was granted patents by United States (2012) and EU (2014)...



Nanochelating technology is a new branch of nanotechnology which has been patented by Mr. Mohammad Hassan Nazaran for the first time in the US Patent Office (2012), and has also been filed in the EPO since 2012. This technology utilizes a self-assembly method (a bottom-up method) for developing nanomaterials...


Sodour Ahrar Shargh Knowledge-based Company’s research and development department offers cooperation to other universities, scientific centers, and post-graduate
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Is Khazra consumption effective in the irrigation frequency? Is it possible to mix Khazra with pesticides? What does chelate mean? Does Khazra change texture of soil? The fruit is ripening. Can I apply Khazra yet? ...
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